Do we really want a situation like the Southampton F.C. statue of Ted Bates that was removed after turning out looking more like Milan Mandaric?

Pompey fans have until Monday 2nd July to register their votes for what the Fanpower money should be spent on.

Portsmouth won the money after becoming the most re-tweeted and mentioned team in the NPower football league incentive earlier in the year.

This new competition from the league called for fans of their clubs to promote the scheme on twitter and social media networks with a chance of winning £30,000 for their respective football club.

As always Pompey fans came out in force to win the prize. Next is to decide where the money should be spent with some heated conversations and strong opinions on Twitter ongoing.

Team Locals put forward that the cash should be given to the small local businesses who are still owed money from the club during the various crooks reigns over the past years. Unfortunately the cash is not allowed to be used for any debt.

Were not really sure where the 3 options have come from and it seems that the Football League have made them up but topping the votes at the moment is a statue for the ground. The statue would be dedicated to the fans and depict them celebrating a classic moment in Pompey history.

It seems that things have got out of hand with the majority of Pompey fans actually not wanting the statue but people from other clubs now selecting the option as a prank. A very strange way to decide how the fans of pompey, who won the competition, get to spend the money.

Click here and have a look at this blog from ‘Who ate all the pies’ on 7 of the worst ever football statues. Do we really want to have one of these??

Here are some of the suggestions coming through for where to spend the money. I would take a wild guess that 80% of them are from the team down the road!


– Keep Ben Haim on for another week?

– Paying their debts, maybe?

– Please don’t pick the statue!

– What is the point!

– Paint it Red & White.

-Andy Bartholomew · Answered Improved disabled facilities – new platform in the Milton End , Are we really that vain that we would need s statue of the supporters…Gay beyond belief. – ODD?

-Any statue outside the ground is just going to get vandalised, what a terrible idea!

-I can’t think of many things more vulgar, inappropriate and pointless than a statue. Anyone voting for that needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

-This is being abused by non-Pompey fans. A large number of people are voting for the statue who have no affiliation with Portsmouth Football Club. The statue does not benefit the club or the less fortunate fans out there. Remove that option!

-Statue – it will be the only thing left standing!

-how about giving it to the Charities that lost out?


As you can see from the comments this is quit a hot topic, get involved and make your fan voice heard.

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