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Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays just announced that Anne-Marie Creamer is the winner of the EMERGENCY6 People’s Choice award, with Oliver Braid coming second and Kit Poulson taking third position.

The award gives exhibition visitors a part to play in the outcome of Aspex’s biennial open submission competition, ‘EMERGENCY’, and is now an integral component of the event following Dan Coopey’s win in 2011.

Director of Aspex, Joanne Bushnell, said: “What an excellent selection! The piece in the show is beautiful and engaging, and I’m so pleased the so many visitors have enjoyed Anne-Marie’s work.”

The £200.00 prize was kindly sponsored by Dack Property Management in Southsea. Peter Dack, owner of the firm, said: “I was delighted to help aspex and sponsor the ‘People’s Choice’ award. I think it is vital for local businesses to support the burgeoning creative scene in the city, as businesses and people looking to relocate are much more likely to choose an area with a diverse cultural offer than those without.”

Aspex has expressed their thanks and gratitude to everyone who took the time to vote online and in the gallery itself.

Anne-Marie Creamer’s website features the following bio of her and her work:

“Anne-Marie Creamer’s practice encompasses videos, drawings and paintings; her exploratory and experimental approach to narrative often features stories nested within other stories, forming larger mise-en-abyme structures.  She explores ways narrative is embedded in place and her works often centre on the existence of artefacts or chance happenings to which she takes a deliberately oblique approach, often involving others, in developing narratives about what is in the end a missing object; her encounter with a group of dancing Székey children in Romania, echoing the lost 130 children of the German town of Hamlin; wedding rings in a cup of coffee on a train at Paddington station; the lost homeland implied in the 200 letters Transylvanian exile Mikes Kelemen wrote to his fictitious aunt in the 18th century; an old coat found in an abandoned apartment in Bohemia; or the stories the people of a Norwegian island told her about the enigmatic death of a fictional old man, the oldest man in the region.

Waiting for the Sun in Perm

Waiting for the Sun in Perm, 2008, by Anne-Marie Creamer

“Her latest film project, ‘Treatment for Six Characters’, is based on an unrealized film Italian writer Luigi Pirandello’s wished to make about the creation of his seminal 1921 play  Six Characters in Search of an Author –  using a text found in a drawer in Vienna about twenty-five years ago Creamer adapted Pirandello’s documented plans, and influenced by Pirandello’s as well as Berthold Brecht’s ideas about drama she has made a film that explores the imaginative possibilities of Pirandello’s absent film.

“Creamer’s work is regularly exhibited internationally at galleries and museums such as: Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum (Norway), Palm Springs Art Museum, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim (The Netherlands), The Sir John Soane’s Museum (London), Apex Art (New York) Draiocht Arts Center (Dublin), Sagacho bis (Tokyo), Galerie der Künstler (Munich), and Spacex Gallery (Exeter). Publications that feature her work include The Drawing Book, edited by Tania Kovats (Black Dog Publishing, 2006). She received the Derek Hill Scholarship in Drawing at British School at Rome, 2012.

Amnesia Anne-Marie Creamer

Amnesia, part of a drawing/watercolour series by Anne-Marie Creamer

“Anne-Marie was one of a number of a group of artists responsible for the London based artist-run Cubitt Gallery in the 1990’s.  She still occasionally curates exhibitions & projects, most recently in Norway, with Lars Sture & Kjetil Berge for the Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum in western Norway.  She was educated at Middlesex University & the Royal College of Art.  She lives in London, where she is a Lecturer at the University of the Arts, London.”

The main winner of EMERGENCY6 was Jim Howieson back in November with his ‘Sports Hall Sessions’ exhibition, earning himself a solo show and a £1,000 prize.

Other previous winners of EMERGENCY have been Charlie Tweed in 2012, Kihlberg & Henry in 2010, Cathy Ward and Eric Wright in 2008, and Tim Machin in 2006.

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