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Stonemason, lettercarver, and winner of Aspex Gallery’s Craft Emergency in 2013 Thomas Appleton will be returning to the gallery with an exciting exhibition of intriguing new stonecarving work, marking the first time Aspex have handed over their entire main space to a single creative.

The exhibition, which will be previewed on Friday 31st July before running until the 27th September, is titled Stonecarved, and will showcase work from Thomas’ project of the same name.

At the heart of the Stonecarved project and its culminating exhibition are themes such as truth, status, memory, and identity, explored through permanent carvings chipped into stone, in sharp prevalent contrast to contemporary communication through social media, which is fleeting, democratically expressive, and changeable.

Thomas writes on his dedicated Stonecarved website: “The process and ability to have a message, memory, or memorial carved in stone is expensive, limiting who is allowed this most permanent truth of status and identity.

“Today, contemporary identities created online are fluid and editable, enabling constant re-definition.”

The exhibition at Aspex Gallery, sited at the Vulcan Building on the border of Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays shopping centre, will highlight the contrasts between old and new forms of communicating identity.

Thomas Appleton Stonecarving Aspex Gallery

The Stonecarved project has already received some strong recognition, having been featured on the front cover of Crafts Magazine.

Portsmouth artisan craft beer supplier The Wave Maiden will be present at Aspex for the preview evening on Friday 31st July with beers to suit the atmosphere set by the exhibition.

Thomas will also be at the preview evening, discussing his work, inspirations, and influences with attendees.

No tickets are required for the preview evening and attending is completely free of charge — attendees can just turn up from 6:00pm.

A number of workshops centred around the Stonecarved project and exhibition will also be run by Thomas, where he’ll showcase and teach his techniques, helping budding artists and stonemasons to produce their own carvings to take away, keep, and proudly display at home.

The workshops run over two days, and will cover heritage methods and hand-tool skills essential for carving letters in stone.

Each two-day workshop costs £100.00, and the price includes a block of Portland limestone for each attendee.

There are four spaces per workshop. Anyone interested can book now by calling 02392 778 080 or emailing [email protected].

Find out more about the Stonecarved project on its dedicated website »

Thomas Appleton Stonecarving Aspex Gallery


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