Portsmouth pub, The White Swan Brewhouse & Kitchen in Guildhall Walk has been hosting a month-long beer festival since August 1st. Each week, new breweries will be showcased.

In week one, which ran from 2nd August to 9th August, the featured beers hailed from Windsor and Eton, and included Parklife, a refreshingly light ale which the brewery blends from a selection of New World hops, Windsor Knot, originally brewed to commemorate the marriage of William and Kate and containing two New Zealand hops, and Republika, Windsor & Eton’s first lager, a mix of Saaz hops, Czech yeast, and Pilsner salt fermented for two weeks and then ‘lagered’ for a further six.

Week two, which commenced on August 10th and will run until August 16th, honours to what is considered one of South London’s finest new breweries, Clarence & Fredrick’s, featuring American Pale ale, C&F India Pale Ale, and a Golden ale, as well as head brewer Duncan Woodhead’s best bitter.

The third and fourth weeks of August, from the 17th to the end of the month, will feature multi award-winning beers from the Kernel Brewery, Beavertown, Redchurch, and Weird Beard. The White Swan Brewhouse & Kitchen has expressed their delight at hosting such an eclectic range of ales and bitters, saying: “This is very exciting time having so many great beers under one roof.”

Brewhouse & Kitchen will also have the opportunity to share four of their own beers with show-goers at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, one of which is a collaborative effort between The White Swan itself and Susannah Forbes of DrinkBritain.com and Jayne Payton of SchoolofBooze.com. The collaboration is a Rye IPA called Island City, and is also available in the Guildhall Walk pub.

The White Swan Brewhouse & Kitchen recently brewed a Chilli & Ginger beer, the Black IPA, and the Portsmouth Tea beer, all of which will be available this month. The pub also continues to host live jazz on Sundays with free entry, and serves food every day from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Every Wednesday evening, there’s a chance to meet the brewer and find out how The White Swan’s range of drinks are created.

Find out more about The White Swan Brewhouse & Kitchen here.

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