Love Southsea and Team Locals are heading along to Miles Henson’s Business Express Christmas special on Express FM (Miles is pictured to the left), starting at 7:00pm.

We’ll be talking about how 2013 has gone for our two little businesses, what our plans for the future are, what we actually do, who we’ve employed over the past year, and all sorts of other stuff – for a juicy hour-long radio slot, in commemoration of Christmas and the end of the world.

Business Express is about to come to the end of its third year as a weekly show on Portsmouth’s much-loved local radio station, and it’s known for being different from most other radio business shows. For one, it’s fast-paced, with none of the dreary stuff you’d expect from something with business at its core, and it’s energetic, information, funny, but very educational. There’ll also be some brilliant music thrown into the mix.

During our appearance, we’ll also be discussing our dreams and motivations, how we got started, what fears and worries keep us awake at night, which challenges we face on a daily basis, and the events we’ll be hosting in 2013.

Be sure to tune in to 93.7 Express FM on your radio at 7:00pm, or listen in on See you there!

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