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Local brewery Staggeringly Good launch their brand new Jurrasix Pack cans at Play Dead Studio on Saturday 8th July , featuring work by local artists.

The project combines one big full-flavoured beer and six incredible works of art together in a final product which celebrates Portsmouth culture and creativity in a new exciting and delicious way.

The sextet of talented artists features world-renowned ‘Mr Freeart Friday’ MyDogSighs, the ethereal exquisite genius of Midge, legendary ink slinger Samo, the combined wonderland of eccentricity from Other Things (Otherwise known as Ooberla & Stu Linfield), Portsmouth’s Banksy-esque stencil king M-One, and the comicbook spraypaint adventures of Fark.

Those committed few that get down early will be able to get their hands on a small number of signed packs.

Find out more on the Staggeringly Good website »

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