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Voice of a Pencil, the next New Apollo presentation at The Square Tower on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, and Friday 24th March, delves into four decades of the fascinating and contentious issue of ‘automatic writing’ — are we in the realm of the the subconscious, or trickery?

The presentation is written by local Cop The Needle writers John Stanton and Stuart Olesker.

In automatic writing, a sensitive person holds a pencil over paper and it writes, apparently without their control. There have been investigations which suggest they are genuine messages from people who have passed from this world. Can it possibly be true?

The play tells the stories of Catherine Muller,  W.T. Stead, Andre Bretton, and Geraldine Cummins.

Doors open at 7:30pm on each of the three evenings. Tickets cost £10.00. Book yours for Voice of a Pencil online »

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