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Portsmouth resident Jackie Hill has raised £1,450 for Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust’s Renal Unit in memory of her husband Graham Hill.

Graham was a patient in the Renal Unit for 34 years, and was a real inspiration to staff and other patients

Having had standard haemodialysis and a kidney transplant, he started dialysis at home. Through doing so, he had the opportunity to go on holiday, and thus became the first ever person to perform haemodialysis on a longboat.

Graham was a great advocate for renal patients, and helped the unit with educational events.

The funds raised will be put towards a body composition monitor for home dialysis patients. The monitor is especially helpful for patients that have difficult to control blood pressure, cardiac issues and other medical conditions.

Grateful wife raises £1,450 for Portsmouth Renal Unit

Jackie explains why she has decided to raise the funds: “My husband Graham was part of the Renal family for some 34 years, where he had been looked after for most of his adult life.

“Once diagnosed, you are always a part of ‘the family’. Many of the staff spend their whole careers with the unit, and you form very strong ties.

“After Graham’s transplant failed, he was back on dialysis,4 and in 2014 was asked if he would like to train for home dialysis. Once home, daily dialysis transformed our life as you are in charge of how you fit it into your lifestyle.

“Instead of 3 long days a week at hospital, he decided to dialyse 6 shorter days a week from home and his health improved.

“I will be forever grateful for the care and dedication of everyone concerned in caring for Graham, and wish to thank all for their tremendous support and generous donations to The Renal Amenity Fund in Graham’s memory.

“The money will go towards funding a new machine to help monitor patients fluid levels, a very crucial part of daily care.”

Grateful wife raises £1,450 for Portsmouth Renal Unit

Dr. Natalie Borman, Consultant Nephrologist for the Renal Unit, said: “The donation from Mrs Hill will go a long way towards reaching our goal of £7,500 to purchase this machine.

“It is so incredible that friends and relatives of patients with kidney disease want to continue to support us, to improve the lives of others even after the loss of their loved ones. We cannot thank them enough.”

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