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Staff from Queen Alexandra Hospital’s Children’s Assessment Unit are taking part in Portsmouth Hospitals Charity’s annual WardWalk event on Sunday 21st May, raising funds for a portable interactive floor for their department.

The interactive floor is a projector that projects games such as hopscotch, mini football, and an interactive piano on the floor. It is a great way for the Nursing Staff to see how the children interact with play, to see their developmental stages, and to provide entertainment and distraction whilst they are waiting to be seen.

The team of paediatric nurses, consultants, and patient families have signed up to the 10K fundraising walk to raise the £7,000 needed to purchase this piece of equipment. The walk, which starts at 10:00am on Sunday 21st May, will be at Staunton Country Park in Havant.

The event is only £2.00 per person to register, and a minimum sponsorship of £15.00 is suggested. Last year saw over 200 supporters from the local Hampshire community taking part for various wards and departments close to their hearts within the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Staff from the Children’s Assessment Unit founded the Children’s Bubbles Fund, which sits under the umbrella of Portsmouth Hospitals Charity, in March 2016. The fund raises money for equipment that helps make children and their families stay a more comfortable, calming, and positive experience.

Hospital staff take part in WardWalk event for QA

Last year, the team took part in the WardWalk to raise funds for an important Blood Gas Analyser for their department. They were inspired to start fundraising after caring for a five-day-old Oliver Buckley, who came to the Children’s Assessment Unit with a collapsed lung.

When he arrived, staff needed to check his blood gas results 11 times in one hour, but had to share a Blood Gas Analysing machine with another department based upstairs.

Tracey Thomas, Sister and Assistant Practice Educator for the Children’s Assessment Unit, knew they were aware of the need for their own Blood Gas Analyser, but after Oliver’s visit and the frequency of needing the machine, she and her colleagues decided it was time to start raising the funds.

Since that day Oliver, now aged one, has been a regular visitor to the Children’s Department and has been a patient on the Shipwreck Ward.

Oliver’s mother Clara (pictured below) is hugely grateful to the staff for the care that Oliver has received. She said: “Following a very normal pregnancy and delivery at 10 days overdue, Oliver was cared for by the Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU) after being found pale and unresponsive.

Hospital staff take part in WardWalk event for QA

“His heart rate was 60, and we have since been told he was the closest to a cardiac arrest he could have been.

“Once the 15-person team managed to improve his condition, he was moved to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton where, a day later, he had an operation to block an extra tube which was causing his heart to work too hard.

“Oliver has now fully recovered and is really laid back, having got all the hard work out of the way early on. He continues to be monitored by his honorary aunties and uncles on the ward, and we will be forever grateful and in awe of the job that CAU do. Our superheroes saved our little superhero.”

Tracey Thomas describes why it is so important for her and her colleagues to take part in the WardWalk and to raise funds for the Children’s Assessment Unit. She said: “I am keen to encourage our staff to participate in this event again because it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other on a slightly more personal level.

“It encourages friendships and has improved communication within our department. At last year’s WardWalk, it was so humbling to meet families that were willing to give up their Sunday to raise money for us and the rest of the hospital.”

Want to participate in the WardWalk? There are 5K and 10K routes, and you choose the department. The day will include an extra warmup by fitness instructors from David Lloyd, a cake sale for the charity, and a refreshments stall, a snack bar, a picnic area, and free parking.

Staunton Country Park are also offering 50% off Staunton Farm tickets on the day for those taking part.

Register your team or family online » or call the fundraising team on 02392 286 000 (ext: 5927).


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