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Trying to discover the roots of Southsea Bathing Hut, Lulu from Love Southsea dug deep into Sam Worsey’s history and found some hidden gems. Featuring Sam on this blog of #GIRLBOSS, Love Southsea sunk into the history behind their regular market trader and successful entrepreneur.

Read an excerpt from the #GIRLBOSS blog here-

“If you’ve ever met Sam, you’ll know she’s super-likeable, and is very happy and bubbly! It’s not until today, though, that I dug deeper to find out what makes her tick and how she found success.

“Sam was raised by serial entrepreneurs — she remembers how hard her parents worked during her childhood.

“Despite the success of both businesses, Sam remembers how the whole family lived in a tiny flat in the basement of a Southsea house, with her mother and father sleeping in a windowless room — more of a cupboard than a bedroom!”


“Sam’s love of history, honed by her A-Levels, led her to unearth the lost soap-making heritage of Portsmouth. The city had a flourishing soap industry from the 1700s until 1932. The major players were Doudney’s Soap Works in Commercial Road, whose ‘Dolphin Soap’ brand sold internationally, and Tilly’s of Prospect Row (now Gunwharf Road).

“The reason these soap factories were in Portsmouth and other major port cities across the UK was because naval personnel needed to wash their sheets and uniform when they came home after months of being out at sea!

“It wasn’t soap as we know it today, though, with its array of indulgent aromas. It was more functional. In the 1930s, most households would only own one bar of soap for the entire house, which would be used for washing the clothes, the floors, and the kids!”

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