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Portsmouth artist Lyndon Richards uses quite an unusual canvas for his painted pieces: house bricks. His subject is, rather appropriately, the distinctly diverse façades of the homes and buildings which line the streets of Old Portsmouth. Lyndon’s brick-based works will be the subject of a new exhibition at Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf Quays.

Houses on House Bricks will run from Friday 15th May to Sunday 7th June 2015, giving visitors a chance to see see the meticulously-detailed works up close. The bricks make for a naturally beautiful base for Lyndon’s carefully-rendered pieces, perfectly framing the oft-vertical shape of the houses he paints.

Lyndon has become known in the Portsmouth art scene through his appearances at the Love Southsea Markets in Palmerston Road and the Portsmouth Festivities Spice Island Art Trails in Old Portsmouth.

He often receives commission requests from people looking to have their own homes painted.

Lyndon Richards Portsmouth Houses on House Bricks

Lyndon said: “My brick house portraits are inspired by my dual passions: art and architecture. When I paint, I seek to capture the very essence of a building, its beauty, character, history, and memories within.

“I am inspired by the complexity of architecture, its history and evolution, a collaboration of skills and trades producing works of art to be cherished and loved.

“The brick houses — each of which feature a house on Old Portsmouth’s High Street — are painted to scale, ensuring balance, integrity and preservation of the original architecture.

“I only use house bricks from the 19th century to ensure an individuality that compliments the uniqueness of each portrait.”

A preview of the exhibition, which will be open to the public for free, will take place on Friday 15th May 2015 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Lyndon Richards Portsmouth Houses on House Bricks
Lyndon Richards Portsmouth Houses on House Bricks
Lyndon Richards Portsmouth Houses on House Bricks

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