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southsea whale

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The unidentified blubbery object that appeared last week on Eastney seafront after Southsea and Portsmouth’s coastline was battered by cyclone storms has been officially identified by specialists.

Today, University of Portsmouth Marine Biologists have confirmed that the mass found on Eastney Beach was in fact a whale.

southsea whale boneA spokesperson from the University confirmed that the bones found and collected next to the remains were that of a large whale, that would have been around 15 metres long.

Biologist Dr Paul Farrell leading the investigation said: “Samples from the whale have been taken, and will now be analysed to confirm the species of whale.

“It will take few weeks to get some positive results, but my best guess so far is it one of the group of  Baleen whales.”

Removal of the whale remains took several hours, and involved Portsmouth City Council’s contract workers, Colas.

Left: bottom image of the whale vertebrae by Martyn Cox.


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