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Pictured: Tina Salt (centre) with daughters Jody (left) and Amy (right) all graduate from the University of Portsmouth

Tina Salt is one of the University of Portsmouth’s Academic Registry team, so she’s very used to graduation ceremonies — but this year will be extra-special, as Tina and her two daughters, Jody and Amy, have graduated together!

Jody explained: “I decided to embark on an MSc in Project Management as I wanted to gain another qualification that would springboard my career into that field. I started studying this part-time whilst working full-time in the Science Faculty at the University.

“Mum had been thinking of study along the lines of Business Management but at the time did not have the self-belief or confidence to apply. With the death of my grandparents, her parents, she decided to put herself out there and learn something new and prove to herself that she could get a degree.”

At the same time, Jody’s sister Amy had been considering joining the Army. Jody continued: “She decided to apply through clearing for a place on the Operating Department Practitioner degree at the University.

“As both Mum and Amy were accepted, that’s how we came to all be studying at the same time.”

All three felt the pressure of meeting study deadlines while also working full-time. “At times, it was a struggle,” Jody explained. “But we all encouraged each other during these times, proofreading each other’s work and helping with exam revision.”

Dad, too, played a key role — as well as encouraging all three throughout their studies, he was able to help Amy with her drug calculations and prides himself that she got 100%.

Jody summed the experience up for all three: “I think we all proved that we can achieve anything when we put our minds to it and that a little bit of belief in yourself can be worthwhile.”

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